Access markets North and South


K2 sits at the terminus of the 4.5 hour HGV drive time from Birmingham, making it the natural break point for journeys from the Midlands to Scotland

1.5 hrs HGV drive

3.0 hrs HGV drive

4.5 hrs HGV drive


Glasgow921 hr 31 mins
Edinburgh951 hr 51 mins
Newcastle611 hr 15 mins
Liverpool1272 hr 16 mins
Manchester1232 hr 10 mins
Leeds1312 hr 25 mins
Sheffield1612 hr 54 mins
Birmingham2003 hr 28 mins
Workington3752 mins
Port of Tyne681 hr 31 mins
Teesport991 hr 57 mins
Glasgow1121 hr 15 mins
Liverpool1242 hr 46 mins


10,000 new homes at St Cuthbert’s Garden Village

St Cuthbert’s will provide up to 10,000 new homes for the growing population of Carlisle, providing both workers and customers for the new businesses at K2. Delivery has commenced on this important project and the benefits will be felt immediately.

£20 million Improvement scheme for Carlisle Railway Station

The funding, through the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, is set to transform the station and strengthen the strategic connectivity to Carlisle and the wider Borderlands region over the next 12-18 months.

New £77.5 million university campus

The new campus will boost the city’s vibrancy and vitality, bringing increased investment and footfall. It will also improve skills and productivity in the local economy. The benefits of which will start to materialise within a 3-year period.

St Cuthbert’s Garden Village

15 minutes

Carlisle Railway Station

14 minutes

University of Cumbria

15 minutes

Superstore and 24 hr petrol

5 minutes

Coffee shop

4 minutes

Sandwich Club

1 minutes

M6 / J44

5 minutes


Labour supply (%)*

Gross weekly pay for full time workers

Percentage of the working population employed in transport and logistics

Outline of a person in hardhat & high visibility vest


Live within a 45 minute drive to work time of the site

A graphic of two roofs

10,000 new homes

Being built now at St Cuthbert’s Garden Village

* Labour supply is the number of people potentially available for work, employed or unemployed. The percentage given above (84.9) is for economically active people within the Carlisle Local Authority area, as they make up the bulk of local labour supply